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A Romantic Weekend Break in the Cotswolds

It was late on friday afternoon that I started to tingle with anticipation at my first weekend away with my new friend Gemma. She is a lovely English young lady with a darker mediterranean look that I found breathtaking when we first met only 6 weeks ago. We decided last weekend over dinner that we should make this the weekend where we spend all our time together and see how we got on.  I was very confident that we would have a lovely time as I was absolutely smitten and she seems to be enthusiastic towards me too.

She had said she fancied a romantic weekend break in the country and left me to choose where we were going, a romantic hotel and make sure that the basics were in place to have a lovely break. I dived on the internet on the monday morning and looked for a romantic place to stay.

A found a web site called  Mr & Mrs Smith which seemed very appropriate and I looked through their selection of picturesque properties in the Cotswold. I have to say they all looked wonderful to me and I could imagine us at any of them. I settled for a Hotel called Cotswold 88 which is set in Painswick Gloucestershire, for no other reason than the night time picture on the website made it look very romantic to me.

Gemma lives in Highgate so on saturday morning I zipped round to pick her up  at about 10am loaded her stuff into the back of my oversensible looking car and headed for the M4.  I have to say she had packed far more stuff than me and I wondered if she was hoping to do lots more than I was anticipating.  Anyway there was plenty of time to find out what she was expecting on the way down. Painswick didn’t appear to be the easiest destination to reach from London when examining the map but we had chosen a good time to go and the roads were fairly clear. We sailed down the M4 to Cirencester and cut across to Stroud where I thought we could stop for some local brew and a baguette.  We were a touch early to check into our hotel so he wandered around until we found somewhere that looked inviting which isn’t difficult in this part of the world.

By this time we were getting along famously and having a wonderful time, although I still didn’t really know much about her likes and dislikes. She had a Brie and Cranberry and I had a BLT but that didn’t tell me anything much. Coming out of the pub I was tempted to hold her hand but the conversation was very light and cheery so I thought I would wait until later. She had been on a trip to Seville the previous month and was telling me all about it on the way back to the car. She can speak fluent Spanish and with her dark colouring could easily pass for a native senorita.

The Cotswold 88 Hotel is a touch north of Stroud and we arrived shortly after 3pm. The check in was painless although I always fear being interrogated as to why I am sharing a room with this woman who is clearly not my wife. Its never happens but I  stumble through registration everytime fearing the worst. We were shown to our very elegantly furnished room and when I got my little case and Gemmas 2 cases and a bag into the room I was pleased to close the door on the outside world and start to enjoy our weekend in private.

I had hoped romance was going to be a big part of the weekend and so I had bought Gemma a small present to wear later. Though some may say it was more like a present for myself of course as it was fairly see thru.  I had looked for something more romantic than erotic as I felt it was safest in the circumstances and actually I was feeling more romantic towards her.  I had bought her a Luxxa Verseau Deshabille. It was very sexy and I couldnt wait to see her in it but she was making herself busy unpacking and hanging her clothes but looking happy with life.  I was very happy with life. I looked around and could see a huge very comfortable looking bed , a wonderful state of the art bathroom and the most gorgeous looking lady I could wish for. What could I have done to deserve such a situation? Don’t know , don’t care just don’t blow it I thought to myself.

From the second the room door closed behind us I wanted to rip her clothes off but I was showing admirable restraint as she regimentally unpacked all her clothes, hung them up and generally got herself organised. How come its always me thats impatient to get to the good bit ?  Gemma then suggested an afternoon stroll around the village to build up an appetite for dinner.  I had a more interesting way of building up my appetite in mind but decided to agree to a country walk with my thoughts now set on the passionate evening to come. I must say we had a lovely walk through a picturesque village but were having such fun in each others company that I really didn’t take much notice of the surroundings. Gemma was all consuming , such an attractive woman and when she smiled or laughed I just wanted to hold her tightly. She seemed perfect in these moments.

We talked and talked and their was rarely a silence. It was all silly stories that made each other laugh and the time went so quickly I couldnt believe it. When we got back to the room their was not much time before dinner. Well actually there was plenty of time for a man to get changed and ready but not much time for a woman. Gemma was no exception she didnt want to be hurried in her preparation to go out and to be honest I didn’t mind a bit because I knew she would look fabulous when she was finished. I gave her the lingerie just before we were due to go down to dinner and I am happy to say she looked very pleased to receive it although she didn’t comment.

As we took our seats at the dinner table I looked at Gemma and couldnt help but smile as I realised, once again, how lucky I was to have met such a person. We had a super time at dinner with the fabulous food , chilled wine and great atmosphere all adding to our blossoming relationship. We were at the table for nearly 2 hours but it seemed like 10 minutes as it often does when you are enjoying yourself.  As we rose  I had a marvellous feeling of anticipation. The alcohol had loosened us up a touch and we were very relaxed in each others company. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to get her back to the room. As we were walking up the stairs I remembered we had not really had a big kiss and suddenly thought ‘I hope she is good kisser’ . It is such an important part of love making to me.

As soon as we were back in the room she grabbed a little bag and shot into the bathroom. She said she was going to try and make herself look beautiful which I ook as a joke as she already had my absolute attention. I watched each wiggle intently as she headed across the room. While she was in there I dimmed the lights and made myself as comfortable as possible in nervous circumstances. As the door opened she killed the light in the bathroom and out into the half light steppeda vsion of lovelyness. Not in the item I had just give her but an equally intoxicating outfit, a 3 piece Baby Doll Setin pink. She looked so incredibly beautiful I thought I would burst.

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