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Valentines Songs

Are there so many great Valentines Songs to choose from it is difficult to pick a few out and say they are better than others.  Top Love Songs are very personal because they make you recognise something in your own love life and re live an emotion again and again. It could be a painful emotion or a happy emotion but somehow we gain pleasure from being reminded about it.

The first song I have chosen is one that relates to a recent split and the feelings involved.

If you enjoyed I Miss You you can get it or the album as a mp3 download here Valentines Songs

The next song is about a love that has been good but may have run its course and finding it is hard to let go.

The John Mayer album is available in MP3 to download here  at Valentines Songs  Friends Lovers or Nothing is just one of the emotional tracks on the album

My Best Friend is a great way of telling your lover how you feel about them

My Best Friend is on Tim Mcgraws Greatest Hits available here  at Valentines Songs

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