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Top Love Songs

Here are a some  videos of my favourite Top Love Songs that I hope will get you into the right frame of mind for a romantic weekend getaway.

These Top Love Songs have the lyrics on screen so that you can sing along and get that loving feeling



My girl reminds me of walking in the country on a spring day. Feeling happy and content that I have a wonderful lady in my life.


Its your love is everything I think about my girl. I could have written it myself!

Wonderful Tonight instantly makes me want to slow dance with my lover

Wild Horses has always made me feel romantic

Old Rod has done a few that put me in the mood for romance but I love this one



Norah Jones has given me some of my most romantic moments

I don’t know how many times I have made love with Shania providing the soundtrack

Smooth is exactly that. It is so sexy !

I really think this song is so romantic in a strange hotel room sort of way

A great song to cheer yourself up and feel warm inside

This is the song that I want to play to my lover today.

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