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Be the Giver of Wild Orgasms

Wouldn’t it be great to be off for a passionate break knowing that you were equipped to give your gorgeous partner Wild Orgasms all weekend long?  The greatest thing a man can have going into a sexual encounter is confidence in his ability to perform to a standard that will have his partner purring.   

If you are struggling with confidence because of previous mishaps or disasters don’t despair. It happens to everybody at some point.  Go into every encounter confidently and without distraction.  That is a key to setting up the right mood for passion.  Learn how to start slowly by being able to provide a firm but gentle massage as you have plenty of time.  Massage can be a gentle start to foreplay and slowly getting more intimate.  Learn from the reactions you get from what you are doing and take your pointers from there.  Take it slow if you have a hotel room for the weekend.  The longer the love making goes on the better the weekend will be.

  If you are planning a weekend of love making you better have an arsenal of love making techniques, know the best positions for intercourse and know some triggers that lead to the female orgasm.  Ambiance is key too as much of the female orgasm is the head.  So a lovely room with romantic music in the background would be a big plus to start with.

There is a g spot somewhere south of her equator too.  It would be a massive help if you knew how to find it wouldn’t it?





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